Data Services
With ever-increasing costs in all aspects of mailing, it's vital that your contact list be kept current and up to USPS standards for deliverability.

Through our state-of-the-art software systems, we are able to:
CASS "certify" your list per USPS requirements. Beginning in November 2008 all "standard" mailings will be required to be CASS certified.
NCOA (national change of address) services are also available through our software services. With about 10% of the population moving each year, this is the most cost effective method to keep your list clean and up to date.
Merge & Purge of database information. We are able to merge your lists into one, using a "source code" if needed, and then identify or eliminate duplicate or near duplicate records using your criteria.
If You prefer to do your own mailing, We can also prepare your list, the necessary Postal documents and container tags, and output to a file that you could print your own labels from. We are also able to print labels and ship them to you.
Costs for these services more than pay for themselves in reduced printing, postage and related costs, since undeliverables and duplications can be eliminated before the process begins. Actual costs will vary dependent on your requests, but generally range from $1.50 to $3.00 per thousand, with a $15.00 minimum

For a data services quote, please see our quote page