Mailing Services

Our MLOCR (Multi Line Optical Character Reader) takes customer addressed letter size mail , "reads" the delivery address , sprays an eleven digit delivery point barcode on it , and then sorts to USPS sorting requirements. The addition of a barcode to a mail piece saves not only in postage costs, but it speeds your mail to delivery by reducing handling by the USPS.


We have two ink jet addressing & bar-coding systems in use. This gives us some flexibility in production & address appearance. Both systems work with files prepared from your data and print addresses, barcodes and any other fixed or variable data on cards, envelopes or self mailers. With this system we are also able to print a mailing permit , affix a tab, or a live or pre-canceled stamp inline as we are addressing.


We have both inline and offline tabbers to affix a tab closure to mail pieces, some mail piece designs will require two or more tabs due to Postal regulations. Tabbers are also able to affix either live or pre-cancelled stamps for the "look" of personal mail.


We offer light folding of single sheet non-coated stock up to 11" x 14". Folding quotes are based on a per pass basis. More complex folds may require more than one pass thru the folder.


We have inserting machines capable of inserting up to six inserts of various sizes into a letter size envelope. These may be inserted in the order that You prefer.

We offer three ways of postage payment on your mail piece:
Postal Indicia (permit) which is either preprinted on your mail, or we are able to print as we address your mail, or print Indicia only.
By use of a postage meter.
By use of pre-cancelled or live stamps.

We prepare all required mailing documents, containers, and destination tags and deposit the mailing with the USPS business mail entry unit in Grand Junction. We are able to drop ship your mailing for entry at another entry office if you so desire.


TIming is everything. We will work with you to ensure delivery within your parameters.