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  As you may be aware, beginning Nov 23, 2008 there are new requirements on all "discounted mailings".  This means all mailers will now be required to have updated their mailing lists within the the 95 days prior to the mailing.


Due to over 9 billion pieces of undeliverable as addressed pieces of mail annually being processed by the USPS , and the associated costs of almost 2 billion. It has always been a good practice to keep lists clean & up to date, however some mailers have resisted keeping their lists up to date. In addition "Standard Mail" , including "Non Profit" mailers have not previuosly been subject to update requirements , and this class of  mail accounts for over 62% of the undeliverable as addressed mail.  Much of this is simply discarded by the USPS since it lacks a "Service Endorsement", such as "Return Service Requested".

 What do I need to do ?

 In our experience , the best solution is to process your lists every 3 months through an "NCOA"  service , which will provide you with updated address information as well as identify "suspect" addresses which may then be removed.

We provide this service through our software vendor "BCC Software" an Industry leader in postal software solutions.  Your data is imported by us into the format they require , and is sent encryted to them for processing. It is returned to us for "housekeeping" functions at your direction, and then can be forwarded back to you in the same format as you sent

What does it cost ?

We have entered into an agreement with BCC for Ncoa processing at a very attractive price of $2.00 per thousand records. Although we do have a minumum of $15.00 per list , muliple lists could be combined into one with a sublist identifier in order to subsequently pull the smaller lists back out.

For further information

Visit Postal explorer at and click on the Adress Quality tab.  Or give us a call with your questions, there are other means to compliance than Ncoa that we could advise you on.















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